timber harvesting

We select trees for lumber and remove those that are detrimental to future growth.

Do you own a woodlot with 10 or more acres of standing hardwood timber? Find out if your trees are suitable for harvest.

The professional foresters at Post Hardwoods provide timber harvesting on mature trees set for removal from your woodlot.

Post collects timber that will be beneficial for our sawmill while also clearing trees that keep healthy ones from maturing. 

Our goal is to build lifelong relationship. Together, we can adequately maintain your woodlot and ensure multiple harvests.

If you need a reliable and reputable timber harvester, please call or email Post Hardwoods today.

Interested in scheduling a free, no obligation, estimate?Do you have questions about selling the trees on your land? Contact us today!

A truck loads recently harvested logs from a forest. Part of the Timber Harvesting process also removes overmatured trees from land to ensure future growth.

Professional Logging Services

Post Hardwoods has professional logging crews for timber harvesting services of your trees on your land. Our professional logging crews work closely with Post Hardwoods to harvest the trees on your land that are ready to be removed from the woodlot. 

If you have ten or more acres of hardwoods that you need harvested, contact us today.

Sustainable Forestry (Selective Logging)

Post Hardwoods specializes in Sustainable Forestry Practices. This means that we focus on cutting the trees on your land that are or could stagnate woodlot growth. By focusing on sustainable forestry, Post Hardwoods helps you properly manage the trees on your land.

Proper and sustainable timber harvesting helps assure the correct management of your woodlot and helps encourage the growth of the best suited and valuable timber on your land. 

If you are interested in sustainable forestry and the proper management of the trees on your property, contact Post Hardwoods today!