Is My Woodlot ready for harvest?

Harvesting is not the same as tree clearing. While clearing deals with whole sections of land, harvesting is about getting paid to have trees removed that have reached the age of maturity.

What Is a Mature Tree?

Post Hardwoods does not harvest trees smaller than one foot in diameter. We prefer to harvest timber between 2 and 3 feet in diameter and with lower limbs at least 30 feet above the forest floor.

Shorter trees may require removal to ensure the health of the forest. Removal will be on a case-by-case basis.

The best woodlot features a mixture of young, medium-sized, and mature trees to ensure positive growth patterns after each harvest.

A mature tree is one ready for harvest. Thicker than 1-foot in diamater with limbs at least 30 feet from the forest floor.
Stunted trees have mangled root systems and limbs closer to the forest floor than higher-grade trees.

What Is a Stunted Tree?

Subprime growth happens all the time.

Trees with short bodies and low limbs, or angled trees due to crowded root system can cause sunlight blockage detrimental to the maturation process.

Post Hardwoods’ forester may recommend a stunted tree removal upon harvesting.

How Much of My Lot Will Post Hardwoods Harvest?

Post Hardwoods prefers to harvest at least 10 acres of timber for you to get paid to have trees removed, although the quality is more important than quantity.

If the acreage does not meet our minimum requirement, the amount of higher-graded worthy trees may make up the difference. Please let us know up front if your woodlot covers fewer than 10 acres.

The harvesting process requires at least 10 acres of woodlot.