What Does a Sawmill Do?


Transcription: “Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Shane with Post Hardwoods. Today I wanna make a quick video and answer a really commonly asked question that we get all the time about what does a sawmill do to my trees once they get cut. The process starts with harvesting the trees. We bring them out to a landing area, and then we put them on trucks, like this, and the trucks bring them to the sawmill, then all the logs get laid.

What we do is we find out what our best of the best logs are. Then they get put in one pile and then the other stuff gets put in another pile. And then all of the grade logs that we’re gonna saw into grade lumber get put into separate piles by species. So like here, you can see we’ve got some red Oak, got some cherry there’s some more red Oak over here.

And there are several piles here. Here is more red Oak. There’s some soft maple, some black Oak, some Walnut down here. So these get laid out in these different piles. There’s some hard maple by species. Then we take them over here. We lay them out. Then they get set up on the deck. They get demarked. Then they go into the sawmill itself and get saw it into lumber.

I’ll take you over and kind of show you what that looks like once it gets packed. So today the Mill’s not running, we’re doing some repairs and some updates, so it’s good. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to hear, but you get your boards, then the guys stack them and then they pack them with binding and they get stacked up outside.

Then we get orders for lumber and that company, that purchases, whatever species it is, they’re looking for, come in with semis and they haul this stuff out and it goes all over the place, all over the country. So that’s what happens. We harvest them. We bring them in here. We separate them by species and grades. They get sawed into lumber.

So hopefully this answers some of your guys’ questions. Hope everybody has a great day and God bless you all.”

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