How to Sell My Timber

We make selling your timber easy!

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Call or email us to see if selling your trees for lumber could turn your woodlot into cash!

Post Hardwoods will send a qualified forester to meet with you and help manage your woodlot.

Strike a Deal

We’ll draw up a great contract for your trees. You’re paid before we’ve harvested a single tree.


Trust our experienced professionals to harvest your trees and leave behind a healthy woodlot.

We believe in sustainability and supporting wildlife habitat.

Post Hardwoods’ selective harvests improve forest health by providing sunlight and new growth to the residual trees. Our harvests also make room for the next generation of trees. We commit ourselves to being responsible stewards of your land.

Periodic harvests create ideal conditions for white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, and rabbits. Biodiversity in the understory provides food and cover for deer and improves their habitat. Landowners who manage their timber have better hunting opportunities.

Your woods are our livelihood. We manage timber as an asset that can provide recurring, periodic income to the landowner. For over 40 years, our management techniques result in many landowners selling 3+ harvests on their property with more to come in the near future.

We have the best logging crews that are careful to treat your woods with the utmost respect. We see to it that the trails on your property are groomed and your residual timber stand is not damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most land owners have 10-100 acres and 50 trees or more. If you don’t have that many trees, we’ll still come to take a look – especially if it’s walnut.

We’re looking for trees about 2’ in diameter at chest height and at least 30’ tall. For ecological reasons, we will not harvest trees smaller than 1’ in diameter.

We process most hardwood trees found in southwest Michigan, including:

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